Whether you are looking to grow your business, sell your business or buy a business you need advisors who really understand the business. Advisors who understand the importance of people as intangible assets. Advisors who understand the importance of valuing a ‘people business’, not just tangible assets on a balance sheet.

Chris Still, Chairman

We take a global perspective, because

We offer vendors the following fast-track routes to success. Each can be mutually exclusive or consecutive.

Primarily for vendors
• Recommending optimal growth & exit strategies
• … to achieve maximum valuation
• … in the exit time agreed
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Aimed at creative businesses of all sorts
• Looking to transform & update their own business
• AND their ‘transformational’ offer to their clients
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Working for either acquirers or vendors
• Understanding & determining how to achieve the best partnership
• Researching, finding & negotiating the best partners
• Be it a sale, acquisition, merger, stake, partnership or funding
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Finding the right partner
• To achieve a win-win partnership
• Whether through geography, complementary skills, critical mass or client requests
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Determining a true ‘market’ valuation
• Benchmarking it in the marketplace
• Talking to acquirers on valuations they are willing to pay
• Recommending how to increase your value In timeframe agreed
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With our extensive knowledge of the different digital and creative marketplaces, we are uniquely qualified to help acquirers find the right talent and expertise they are looking for.

With offices across the globe, we can access the best independent agencies in Europe, the US, the BRIC or Next Eleven markets.

Please see our client list to see who we have helped achieve their goals.

Joint Ventures, Mergers & Partnerships

More and more companies are looking to merge or build partnerships as a precursor to a sale or acquisition.
Share-for-share mergers are often seen as a way for both companies to benefit from greater critical mass or enhanced skill sets to offer clients greater resources – with a mutual intent to sell at a later stage.
Strategic partnerships are a valuable step to working closely with others, to ensure your clients get best-in-class resources. Often, successful partnerships lead to successful sales or acquisitions.

"We know what we're talking about...

...and who to talk to"

Chris Still, Chairman Advertising M&A