Alex Goat


We could not ask for a better partner than Advertising M&A. They have excellent connections and introduced us to a wide variety of potential acquirers - many with a clear and natural alignment, and some welcomely unexpected. Throughout the process Advertising M&A provided excellent guidance, support and challenge where we've needed it. As a CEO who was doing this for the first time, they were patient, responsive and incredibly supportive, always going the extra mile. And ultimately, Livity has ended this process in the very best place for us to thrive. I'm excited for the future and grateful to Advertising M&A for the critical role played in that.

Fred Porro

Ignite Europe

When we decided to “go global” in light of our client’s requests and the burgeoning interest in experiential and digital marketing, we chose Advertising M&A based on their experience, reputation and knowledge of our sector. Their team have been invaluable in putting together a targeted and impressive shortlist of absolutely relevant partners and have far exceeded our goals in negotiating the terms we were expecting. Their knowledge and approach is second to none and it has been an absolute pleasure working with such experts and great people during the most critical point of Ignite’s history. I would highly recommend them to any organisation and would be more than happy to discuss any questions over the phone if necessary.

Christopher Jenkins

Wingrave Yeats LLP

You will rarely meet anyone who knows quite so much as Advertising M&A do about the advertising and digital sector. Their knowledge is encyclopaedic and always spot-on. If you are thinking of selling your business or building it into something more powerful, then you would be foolish not to talk to Advertising M&A first. It is a pleasure to work with people who are trustworthy, creative and show real integrity in their dealings with you.

Ryan Reiches

Branding Business

We’re a Californian branding agency and we hired Advertising M&A to advise and guide us on a proposed merger with another prominent US brand strategy firm. We found Advertising M&A to be experts in global trends and their knowledge of branding was deep and based upon considerable experience. While representing us in our merger consideration, Advertising M&A were very insightful, always prepared and diligent in following up on details. They expertly represented our best interests while appropriately negotiating the best possible solution.

Steven Morris

MTH San Diego

Our company is a US branding agency and a prospect partner engaged Advertising M&A to consider the merger options. They did an excellent and insightful job working with both of us on strategy, alignment and business principles from a national and global perspective. In the end we both decided against the merger and Advertising M&A were a strong partner in helping us see ‘around the bend’, and asked the big questions that helped us see the way with a clear head and open eyes. I strongly recommend them for agencies considering strategic positioning, mergers and strategic alliances. They are diligent, experienced and smart with an ability to work for the best win-win scenario.

Alex Melvin

180 Amsterdam

180 has consistently been one of the most creative agencies in the world for the past 10 years and when we were looking for a global partner to work with, we turned to Advertising M&A to help us. They negotiated an excellent deal with TBWA & Omnicom and now we have a micro-network of offices around the world to service our clients. Considerable thanks to them for negotiating a highly complex deal and a great multiple.

Margaret Manning

Reading Room

Chris Still is by far the most knowledgeable person in the M&A space for the marketing and digital communications sector. His company really understands our sector and they know all the key players who make the difference. Their intimate knowledge of the landscape is a refreshing change from the more traditional broad-brush approach by their competitors (and I should know, I came from one and have worked with others!). They are our chosen advisors.

Lee Daley

Saatchi & Saatchi UK

Advertising M&A helped us find some of the best digital agencies in the sector. Their connections are second to none both here and in the US. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Lee & Thompson

Lee & Thompson

Lee & Thompson have worked with Advertising M&A on a number of deals over the years. They have superb sector knowledge, an extensive contacts book and years of experience of putting deals together. They have the ear of all the majors players and know how to structure deals with an excellent sense of whether a buyer and seller will be a good fit and work together post completion both in terms of culture and strategy.

Moray Maclennan

M&C Saatchi Worldwide

Advertising M&A have the standout ability to make positive things happen for both clients and the other parties. They crystallise subjects and focus people’s attention on what really matters. They appreciate that whilst money is important, there are other key aspects to consider. They have brought a couple of brilliant agencies to us and helped negotiate win-win deals with both of them. I would highly recommend them.

Alexander Schlesinger


Advertising M&A helped us negotiate, structure and finalise a joint venture with M&C Saatchi. We are very fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Advertising M&A team who conducted the negotiations in an excellent and professional way. I would highly recommend Advertising M&A to anyone looking for strategic alliances.

Matt Atkinson


My experience of working with Advertising M&A extends across 10 years and during this time they have helped and advised us in finding some of the best agencies, talent & properties we have had from an M&A consultancy. I would not hesitate in recommending them in any sector of digital media.

Bob Jones, CEO


Advertising M&A played a valued role in helping us both structure and present Publitek in a way that was attractive to potential acquirers and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

James Goddard

JJ Marketing

Advertising M&A were excellent advisors to JJ Marketing in our recent search to find an international partner to expand our skills & expertise services with. Advertising M&A’s advice, knowledge of the global B2B sector and negotiating skills were first class. They found us an excellent partner at a great valuation and importantly, they were just really nice people to do business with!