Growth & Exit

Growth & Exit

As part of determining your optimal Growth and Exit Strategy we assess your positioning, proposition, management team, skills, clients, financials and new business strategy to ensure they are in line with success.

We inform you of the wider marketplace, market trends and what your competitors are doing.

We tell you what acquirers are looking for today and will be looking for when you want to sell.

We discuss current market valuations and what your valuation is today and could be tomorrow.

We assess your options moving forward and deliver a documented Growth and Exit roadmap to your desired timeline.

Search & Find

M&A Search & Find

Whether it’s for a vendor or acquirer, we conduct a thorough Search and Find Strategy for our clients involving:

Putting together a Snapshot and Information Memorandum if you are a vendor.

Using our extensive global contacts to determine the best acquirers or vendors to partner with.

Arranging meetings, negotiating terms and managing the sale process to completion.

Exec Search

Executive Search

Looking for great people that will fit in or improve your culture? C Suite or Non Exec Director? Due to our extensive database and high- level contacts, we are ideally suited to offer a discrete & confidential Executive Search.

Equally if you’ve just parted company in a top level position and are considering what next, talk to us as we often get those unofficial briefs before they become official.



We cover the following to arrive at your valuation today and tell you how you can improve this significantly in a short period of time.

We assess you business model, your management, financials, clients and offering.

We match this against the market demand for your skills.

We talk to the major acquirers to understand what they are looking for in acquiring companies – today & tomorrow.

We inform you of the ‘multiples’ and deal structures they are prepared to pay.

We give you the latest prices paid in recent acquisitions in your sector.

Finally we recommend how you can improve your position. We call this

… The 7 Steps to Heaven.