Tribe Global, The New Agency Network On the Block

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On 27th January 2012 we saw the launch of Tribe Global as a new independent international agency network. A group of 13 agencies from across the world coming together to form a new network. But is it new and will it ‘make a difference’?

Their press release states that they “are made up of 13 agencies from around the world and with a positioning that they are genuinely different from the other agency networks”.

A coming together of like minded people and agencies who share a common culture and way of doing business founded on the basic principles of friendship, respect and trust. This applies to all our agencies and also to everyone we do business with.

The world we live in today is so complex and fragmented, therefore our job is to keep things simple.

We care passionately about our clients. We are actively involved with them every day, we describe this as being ‘in their business’. By following this approach and working in a collaborative style, we provide leadership and guidance, which in turn delivers the results they are looking for.

Now, compare this with some of the big networks, where the focus is not always on creativity and clients, but more on reporting structures and managing overheads. Where they deliver an impersonal service, Tribe Global gives you access to the agency owners. For us the mediocrity and blandness of some international campaigns has no place with us.

Their focus being on creativity and ‘game changing’ ideas, a catalyst for learning, sharing and innovation. Rich in knowledge and insights.

Our View

Firstly we applaud the launch. Clients need the choice. Congratulations to the founders for understanding that independent agency offering to clients is a real alternative to the Global Networks – not only in a local market but if put together properly on an international scale as well.

Genuinely different from the other agency networks? They say that all other existing independent networks rely on membership whereas theirs doesn’t. I’m not at all sure that is the case but anyway why should a network that is ‘owned’ by its members work better than a membership network?

So, is it owned by its members? The press release talks about all the members retaining their own agencies but doesn’t explain about ownership of the network. If I was a prospective client I would want to know this key question as it makes a difference as to whom I hold responsible for my advertising; the local agency, the group of agencies who work on my business or the network?

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